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About Us

All Bikes Repaired provides expert service for everything on two wheels! Adult and Children’s Bicycles, Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters and Motorcycles.

We also offer a variety of maintenance and upgrade services including tire changes, tuneups, general repairs, vintage restoration and maintenance.

We happily service our local community in Vaughan, York Region, and the GTA. We aim to provide professional service at affordable prices! You may drop off your bike for next day service, or local pick up and delivery is available for a reasonable fee. 

Also available is the full lineup of North 49 Brands, Synergy Scooters, and Electric Bikes!

We are an authorized Synergy scooter and bicycle dealer. We provide brand new, in a box electric transportation, all with one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Better power, better features, and epic style!

Shipping and delivery available within the GTA!


Our Services

All Bikes Repaired

Has repair and restoration expertise, with bicycles, electric bicycles, motorized scooters, sit down and stand up, two stroke and four stroke dirtbike’s and motorcycles for the road.

  • Standard Tune-Up Service

    21 point safety inspection

    Basic cleaning

    Align/adjust all parts to rider

    Brake adjustment/resurfacing, disc rotor truing

    Gear/Drivetrain adjustment

    Inflate tires to recommended pressure range

    Lube as needed


  • E-bikes

    Battery charged and system tested. Connections inspected, cleaned and applied with dielectric grease.

    Diagnostic service.
    Check battery systems and BMS.
    Test and secure all wiring and connections to the controller. Replace any faulty or worn out parts.

  • Tire Repair

    Scooters, bicycles, electric bicycles, And motorcycles.

    please call with details of your bike for estimate.

  • Part installation

    Please call with your vehicle details for an estimate.

    ShopRate, $80 / hour.

  • Winter Services

    In addition to servicing everything on two wheels, I am now offering fast and professional ski and snowboard wax and tuneup services. I am able to pick up and deliver your families equipment or perform the service on site. Not in your house, in my mobile shop!

    Many other repair services available as well as performance products for sale.

    Give me a call for more information.

Buy Products from North49 Brands

  • All Bikes Repaired is an Authorized North49 Brands Dealer

2021 Synergy Kahuna BLACK 750W

The Kahuna is a fat tire folding mini bike with a weight of about 57lbs, making it perfect for people with limited storage space. (RV’s, boats, small condo’s etc).
The Kahuna includes: Samsung 14Ah battery, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Altus drive-train, Bafang geared rear hub motor with 750Watts peak output, hydro-formed aluminum frame, & cast wheels. Available in matte black, matte white and matte blue.

2020 Synergy Elite 500 watt - $1299 + HST

It can reach speeds of 40km/h, and with a range of up to 60km. The City Elite has enough torque for flat roads or elevated trails. The body of the scooter is Aluminum, and it offers dual suspension as well as hand-actuated front and back disc brakes, plus electric signal lights. The City Elite also features a digital display of speed and battery charge.

Synergy Sport off road 800W scooter

2020 Synergy Sport off road 800 watt - $1599 + HST

Capable of 45 km/h and 50 km range. Colour display, active brake light, pneumatic off-road tires, Front and rear suspension, and front and rear disc brakes. Over built to be the highest quality most reliable scooter in its price range.

In stock! Brand new in a box!

One year warranty.

Fast and powerful!

2020 Synergy 10’6 Inflatable Blue – PRE-SALE PRICING! $749.00 + HST

The SYNERGY Paddle SUP board has a wider stern that adds stability and gives good buoyancy. The 265 liters hull with a thickness of 15 cm make this SUP board extremely stiff. ideal for paddling with the whole family, for fitness and for riding the waves. One of the best all-rounders in its category.

1 year warranty!
Length: 10’6″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 6″
Weight capacity: 325

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